Root Lenovo A6000/PLUS


Rooting is as simple as typing some words !!!


Adb and fastboot – download it from here

Recovery image file – download it from here

Super user zip – download it from here


Download or copy super su .zip in your sd card before beginning.

Flashing Recovery-

1.Install the Adb and Fastboot  .exe file in a new folder in your pc.(You can install it in any folder ).

2.Download the recovery image in the same folder as adb and fastboot  .

3.Now shut down your phone and  press Volume down and Power button both simultaneously until it boots up in bootloader and then connect it to pc.

4.Now go to the folder in which you have installed Adb and fastboot and downloaded recovery image file;by keeping the shift button pressed right click anywhere in the white space in the folder and select open command window here.

5.Now type fastboot devices and then type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img  in command window.

6. Thats it you have Flashed recovery successfully.

Flashing supersu-

1.After flashing recovery disconnect phone and then press power button for a while to turn off the phone.

2.Download or copy to your sd card.(You should do that at very beginning)

3.Now when phone is turned off,press volume up+down+power all three simultaneously to boot in recovery.

4.Now in recovery select install and look for super su and then flash it.

5.Clear cache and dalvik cache in wipe section after flashing super su.

CONGRATS you are done!!


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